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Restaurant “Thüringer Stuben” & Gourmet Restaurant “Güldene Gans”

From a wealth of local ingredients, the kitchen team with great attention to detail conjures good Thuringian cuisine.
The restaurant “Güldene Gans” has been awarded the “Bib Gourmand” by the Michelin, in Vartaführer with 2 diamonds and the Aral Schlemmer Atlas 2 cutlery.
Let yourself be culinary pampered by the excellent cuisine.

To make your stay in the restaurant as pleasant as possible, we ask for a reservation by phone 03671 -599103 or e-mail address info@gueldene-gans.de
Take a look and enjoy your first joyful anticipation  www.gueldene-gans.de.

Certain ingredients, substances or products (such as auxiliary agents) that are used in food production might remain in the food and may cause allergies or food intolerance in some people, potentially their health at risk.
We therefore provide a specific menu for costumers who suffer from allergies and food intolerances, in which all potentially harmful substances are labeled.  Our staff will be pleased to provide you with this menu and discuss alternative options.

Liebevoll zuberreitete Speisen im Restaurant "Thüringer Stuben" in Saalfeld

Images of “Thüringer Stuben” Restaurant